'what it felt like to dream fire' screenings

The first piece of artistic research, created with the designer of sounds Bryant Keith Bayhan, is screening a couple of times in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 'what it felt like to dream fire' is an experimental photography-film-sound piece exploring traumatic memory through haptic imagery and sound.

How do we understand, communicate, and depict strong emotions & events that stoke fires in our dreams? How does representation and communication influence understanding and potentially soothe us?

We had a wonderful collaborative evening at Agitate Gallery last weekend, co-hosted with Spit It Out Collective. The film was surrounded by discussion and spoken word from three most amazing Scottish rappers Bee Asha, Gael Curran and Anise Pearson.

In June,

the film will also screen during Aye Festival at Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art. Tickets here.

and also as part of an experimental research seminar at Queen Margaret University in its installation form. Tickets here.

what it felt like to dream fire


film & photography

regina mosch

sound design

bryant keith bayhan

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