'Searching for Shore' at Alchemy Film & Arts

Our NoMilk NoSugar collective straight8 short 'searching for shore' was screening at Alchemy Film & Arts in the Scottish Borders, a treasure of a festival with a delightful selection of experimental films and video art.

Check them out here: https://alchemyfilmandarts.org.uk/

We were part of the strand 'Building a Fort' together with other films embracing the many possibilities of play, experimentation, beautiful accidents and fruitful mistakes. As a straight8 film - filling one super8 cassette and editing in-camera - it requires both planning and contentment to let go and accept the wanky wonky witty being of analogue film and nature.

Alchemy's programmer Jonathan Ali writes about 'Searching for Shore':

Finally, in Regina Mosch’s symbolist Searching for Shore, we return to the Scottish coast and another in-camera celluloid experiment, one that finds unexpected poetry in a Jenga enthusiast attempts to keep an addiction at bay. Play on.

Searching for Shore

straight 8 experimental

Directed by and starring:

Regina Mosch

Camera by:

Simon Schabert

Sounddesign by:

Islay Allen-Hopkins and Regina Mosch

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