Jazz, dance and film in Berlin

While I was on duty for Women in Film & TV International at Berlinale, I also caught up with a NoMilk NoSugar collaborator from 5 years ago. Pinar and I met in the US while studying in Amherst and she joined us for the film shoot in New York of What To Do With Life.

So it was more than extraordinary timing that while I came to Berlin, Pinar was finishing up her demo for "I'll be missing you", a beautiful ethno jazz song she wrote back in Amherst, and worked on a music video idea for the song. Not only for old times' sake, but simply for engaging with a new exciting project, I joined Pinar with some cinematography work for her idea.

Which resulted in a beautiful shoot including iconic subway stations, jazz jam sessions and sequences with contact impro dance.

I can't stress enough the beauty of NoMilk NoSugar where it's all about collaboration and collective creativity of those involved. That's how stories continue over the years...

The video will be released in May!

Read more on Pinar and her music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFTEJ9cszfO4i3_aH2a9kQ

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