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NoMilk NoSugar's first book is out!

where one artistic journey ends, another one automatically begins...

Those words from Diane Henderson and Niall Greig Fulton, from the foreword of the book, describe our 8 years of Super8 works pretty aptly. With experimentation and collaboration in our heart, all the films we made with NoMilk NoSugar have always sparked a number of other artworks that were orbiting around the films; more, or different, engagements in other media with the topic, landscapes or people from the films. For some time, we have been observing our creative processes when making our films and listening to their echoes, and after 8 years of creating it felt good to collect them and bring them together in this book. It's not difficult to imagine that they speak to each other and thrive in each other's company.

Simon and I worked on this book over the last year or two, sifting through our archives of works related to all those Super8 cassettes and films roles. Archives that span across continents and many ateliers, harddrives and shelved boxes, and are now yours to hold and enjoy.

A massive thanks to all our collaborators of NoMilk NoSugar - all you sound designers, actors, dancers, light designers, DJs, directors, writers, singers, musicians: Islay Allen-Hopkins, Ana Sofía Reynoso Barnard, Shkurte Dauti, Niall Greig Fulton, Diane Henderson, Tim Heumesser, Chris Lunney, Samuel Patton, Sylvie Reimer, Pinar Tatlikazan, Arianne Villareal.

In the book you'll find:

- photography

- poetry

- storyboard excerpts

- film stills

- woodcut prints

- watercolour paintings

- sketches & drawings

Write to us if you'd like a copy. Black coffee, milk, sugar, cappuccino, caramel iced latte, cream cheese bagels, black tea, espresso and beer may all be spilled on it in honour of our collaborators around the world.


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