Scandinavia's First Web Fest

It's been a huge pleasure to welcome the young and underdog film community of Denmark & and the world in Copenhagen over the weekend of September 21-23, 2018. Together with my co-director Joseph Valentino Palau, we celebrated the first edition of the CPH Web Fest, which already promises to develop into something with perspective for the Danish film industry.

The weekend featured screenings, workshop and plentiful discussions on how to develop series when you are not an established or professional filmmakers. Maria Møller Christoffersen, producer at Beofilm, self-educated documentary filmmaker Cathrine Lamm Nielsen, Simon Jon Andreasen from the National Film School and more international guest speakers offered us insight into their work and inspiration for ours. The highlight was Sunday night's award ceremony which was attended by Julie Andem, the creator of the Norwegian success series SKAM.

What was the biggest take-away? That the Danish film industry needs more of this hungry, keen talent! Those that go the long way to tell their stories. That don't do it for the money, but because they care. That there is so much talent out there that needs to be seen and heard.

The spirit of this festival is not big production value but pure storytelling beyond money. For the next year, we will work closer with the Danish Film Institute to anchor the festival with more workshops and a pitchfest during the next year.

Submissions for 2019 are open - get ready and tell us your stories!!

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