Chats and Kaffeesatz: New photography project

"If I think of tomorrow, I think of trains."

Coffee has always been bringing people together. But besides tasting great, our German culture sees the little rest of grains in your cup also as a look into the future. We call that Kaffeesatz, which interestingly translates to coffee sentence (ah, who ever thinks of these words?).

In a new photo series, I'm meeting people for coffee and a chat on identity and the 'tomorrow', and whatever people want to chat about. I want to get to know people and what they think, hear their stories and what their life is like, no matter what background they come from. Photography shall capture them and their Kaffeesatz, and what you see in there will be up to yourself!

Let's meet people through art, and give them a voice in these times where taking time for a face-to-face conversation has lost some of its importance. Maybe it can even inspire other people to sit down and chat to someone again. Maybe even someone they don't even know.

If you want to get in touch, leave a message here or through

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