Radio joins bread

A true pity you can't convey smells through radio. While I worked on "Folding Elephants" and spent numerous hours in Frenchmen Théo's bakery, my olfactory nerves were on continuous explosion mode. Having lived in Scotland for almost 4 years, I had been missing the smell of freshly baked bread a great deal...

... so lucky me, who was able to meet Théo and his Canadian partner Ashley who work hard on bringing this smell and its source to Scotland in a food project that is worth paying close attention to. Although an excellent hand-craft baker using merely organic and mostly local ingredients for his sourdough breads, Théo moves away from the concept of an artisan bakery shop in town. Instead he opened his social enterprise in the community centre of Cultenhove, one of the top 5 of Scotland's most deprived areas. With bringing fresh homemade bread to people who don't necessarily have a connection to healthy food, Théo and Ashley want to achieve nothing less than a change in the way we think about what we eat, where it comes from and who is paid how much in the food production chain. As a community bakery they don't only sell their bread, but invite people to contribute with ideas and learn about the bread-making process in workshops and open days.

Join me and my colleague Réka Rippel when we participate in kneading dough and meet characters of Cultenhove, give yourself away to the sounds of freshly baked bread and find out, what folding elephants and murdering otters have to do with bread!

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