A Teadrinker at the Coffee Table : A collaboration of NoMilk NoSugar with Blooming Studios, UT

Regina and Ebbie

Realising an artistic project is a great thing, but it's even more rewarding when you work with someone who shares the same ideas to unite in a Gesamtkunstwerk. I worked on 'A Thin Line' with Ebrahim Ghaeini, a filmmaker from Salt Lake City, Utah and fellow traveller. Ebrahim is co-founder of Blooming Studios and director of the short movie 'Moments of Clarity.' We met on the Underground Film Festival in Cork, Ireland and he visited me in Scotland a month later. It didn't take us long to make use of the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other...

'A Thin Line' is based on a poem I wrote earlier in the year. It's about a writer and his troubled

mind, it's about the conflict between pen and empty page, between mind and the space around it. We filmed it at the desk, but also used the scraggy and foggy Scottish Highlands as an image of the writers mind. Yes, it might have some Kafkaesque echos and I don't deny it.

Call it a film poem, call it an experiment, call it something weird. But above all just let it speak to you.

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