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At EIFF 2019

If anything, it's like coming home. That's what Scotland is good at. Making you feel at home and part of the family...

The folks at the Edinburgh International Film Festival are no different there. I was at EIFF as part of the shorts jury this year and also hosted an event on Spanish webseries during their Focus on Spain. Everybody must be feeling that warm welcome, because it's not only the team that is easy to connect with, but also all the guests that come together there.

It was great on the one hand to bring our work from CPH Web Fest to such a prestigious film festival, talk all things digital and get people interested in it. But also to be invited to watch other people's work, to be invited to take part in their vision and in what moves them. During the jury days, we had fantastic discussions on current developments in the film world and how we look at them from different parts of the world.

Grow connections, share laughs and get inspired for new projects -- isn't that what film festivals are for? Well done, Edinburgh.

I wrote a bit more on both events here, read more if you like:

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