Projects A Plenty

It's been a busy and, if you will, eclectic spring driving many old and new projects forward. They continue to teach me how powerful art can be to take a cross section of society and make change. The book and photography exhibit 'Fråga Mig Istället' (Ask Me Instead), led by a multi-cultural group coming out of the art space Konstkupan, is premiering in May with the book launch and will be at Malmö Stadsbiblioteket, Moderna Museet and Skissernas Museum in Lund. It's people that are in its focus (and not us as authors!) and how powerful questions can be, both in a negative and positive sense. Interviewing people from all parts of Swedish society, it just shows how superficial we often are in the way we make up a picture of someone, how we perceive someone and how society's shortcuts teach us to put people in boxes, over and over again. Watch our for the premiere!

Similarly, I was very happy to join the network Women in Film & Television International, whose president Helene Granqvist is on a fantastic mission to make the film industry more gender-balanced and diverse. With her, I launched a project to collect and connect knowledge with researchers from all corners of the world. The WIFTI Talks, as we called them, are a series of live and online talks to crack the nut of allowing everyone to be successful in the film industry. Our kick-off event will happen at Media Evolution in Malmö with a bunch of Swedish researchers. Fun, dynamic and inclusive is the motto and way forward! Everyone's welcome!

Our dear film festival in Copenhagen, CPH Web Fest, is on a promising path. We're soon closing submissions for this year and look forward to a varied selection of innovative and daring works! Surprise us! It is wonderful to see how we're becoming a connecting player in the Scandinavian film industry and bringing our Nordic content to bigger film festivals around the world. Webseries are surely not on the radar, which baffles me, looking at the extent of the digital sphere reaching into our lives. I'll be at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June and hosting a Spain-focused event.

Not to forget a short documentary on bike carcasses in the city that I'm shooting with wonderful Hampus Mattson, and our drama short Medium/Rare that might be produced and shot this summer on a bigger budget. Fingers crossed, waiting for confirmations.

Last thought of the day: would the art world flourish half as much if coffee didn't exist?

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