VICIOUS ALGAE is back with a new documentary

With the greatest pleasure, we can announce that the sonic duo that taps into documentary every now and again -- IS BACK. Louis Fraser and myself will get together again to shoot a sequel of 'Seeing The World Again', the documentary on Edinburgh-based figurative painter Henry Fraser. Having looked at how Fraser brings invisible sides of human nature onto his canvas, we now follow his paintings around Edinburgh - and peek into houses of people who have bought and decided to live with a painting.

What do they see in the figure? Can a painting be a conversationalist? How does the relationship change over the years?

Brace yourself for yoga sessions with shamanic ravens, morning shaves with a wet child, and lots of late-night filmmaking.

Sounds like Vicious Algae? Maybe. A little bit. Kind of. Yes.

See Henry Fraser and his paintings here in our first documentary:

We'll keep you posted.

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