New Short Film with TTE Productions

We had a busy weekend all around Copenhagen - from pouring rain followed by warming sunshine at Amager Strand, to the university campus; from a time-pressed shoot at Ørestad Station to catch that evening light, to a full day with 12 people and a baby in a tiny flat while Copenhagen got flooded.

To say the least, we filled those 12h days with the highest productivity. And as always, we brought together a grand team of hard-working, fun and professional people! What a pleasure, making movies!

Joseph Palau's new short film 'The Stranger Card' deals with the pressures of a young father who can't find his place in the family. Can an odd encounter at the Suicide Prevention rescue him and his family?

Produced by TTE Productions. Written and Directed: Joseph Palau. DOP: Preston Drake-Hillyard. 1st Assistant Director: Regina Mosch.

Starring Christian Bruun Hagn-Meincke, Frederik Torp and Helena Chamma.

Check out what's going on around the young team of TTE Productions:

DP Preston Drake-Hillyard, Director Joseph Palau, Script Supervisor Erika Häggman.

Last shot of the day. Getting comfy allowed, Preston Drake-Hillyard!

Scene at the breakfast table with Christian Bruun Hagn-Meincke.

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