A Surrealist Episode

It was a pleasure to work with a talented Danish cast on the short film 'War Paint'. A true expedition into the Surrealist world, where we meet soldiers prepping for a theatre performance, discussion of the political danger of a flower field and the endeavor to fish in a puddle. Why is Surrealism that had its beginnings in the 1920s and can be found in new form with for example works of David Lynch still relevant today? What can Surrealism tell us about our usual viewing habits? That conventional narrative film lures us into believing that our world makes sense? That flowers have personalities? Maybe simply that politics is nothing but theatre.

Take a peek at 'War Paint', an episodic surrealist short film about politics, refugees and all sorts of illusions.

Starring Jørgen Nordenhof, Asger Gomez Frøkov, Diego Bønke, Henriette Knudsen and Christian Bruun Hagn-Meincke.

Written and Directed by Regina Mosch.

Cinematography by Preston Drake-Hillyard, Mati Eidelman Bokler, Regina Mosch.

Production Manager Martin Kloock.

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