New Film In the Making

More experimental documentary-ing, with new people, ideas and images. Yes, the camera doesn't lie still.

The question is, why would it? There are too many issues around us that need being talked about, there are too many cinematographically beautiful places to be used, and there are definitely a lot of talented people around that should be united in a collaboration!

I worked with Louis Fraser (from the Vicious Algae project and surprisingly he did the sound) and Rosi Koll (who brought some new cinematography ideas to the table) on a dramatized documentary ("Of Humans and Nature") which imagines a reversed refugee scenario in which people have to leave an inhabitable UK. Imogen Oberski and Natalia Vorri, both non-professional actresses, play two girls on their way by bike to a beach where supposedly the last boats are leaving. The Scottish Highlands didn't disappoint with beautifully barren and dramatic scenery.

No script, but uncertainty and surprise. Doesn't sound like Regina?

The concept of the film is leaned towards the genre of Mumblecore movies. Is is less about acting as such, but about imagining and playing yourself in a different context. Improvisation and prompting it effectively is key to receive genuine reactions and authenticity of non-professional actors.

True, you don't have it in your hand as director. What comes comes, and what ever that means, you have to work with it. As a director, it is fascinating to give yourself away to the flow of the project and rather observe and prompt at the right places. Seeing how people who aren't professionals immerse in the scenario, develop the story themselves and bring out things you'd never expect is a true delight.

The project was as much a surprise for the director as for the actors. A collaboration with, after kicking it off, a life on its own. And a lot more excitement to come in the edit.

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