On our Vicious Algae soundcloud page, you'll also find a radio drama that we produced last winter. The Trunk Of The Oak Tree will take you to an unknown war zone and the human failures that happen there. Get your blindfolds out and be transported...

A few words on radio dramas.

Worlds, only made out of sounds - how cool is that? To be precise, it is worlds that I, as a director, build up by throwing different sounds together, but it is the mind of the listener that actually creates them. And each world is different from listener to listener. This gives you an incredible power as a director, but simultaneously you give the same away , as it is in the hand of the listener what he or she makes out the sounds. It is a proximity between director and listener that is hardly achieved in any other medium.

What intrigues me most about radio dramas is the difference between seeing with the eye, and seeing with the mind. I'm deeply fascinated by this part of our mental landscape, in fact, it's where I see the core of creativity. Pulling up images that don't actually exist, that you make up and shape as you please, is a powerful part of our human nature.

It's a pleasure to trigger that from time to time in others.

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