big city love dream

[from The New York Collection]



i love you    or something     am i talking to

you or to a city     abstract and concrete

make up a story     where was i for this

conversation    you were clearly here     i dream you

and you don’t dream me     now i’m

dancing to the raindrops in the subway

tunnel     so do you want to have a cup of

coffee with me     i said i love you     wouldn’t

it be cool to drown a whole city in your coffee
















have you not thought about me


when was winter ever alive

or silent as the books used to say


the sun in the sky is none

and shines as if it were the moon


have you thought about feeling good today

when you looked at your gloved hands


or are you just tracing back

your tracks in the ice


and what about words

when was the last time


they did not describe the bug

frozen into a tree in front of me


i don’t know, says the bug

can you draw some sunshine on my face


as i speak

snowflakes fall out of my mouth


fade out

i say, and i mean it










Wednesday Air

I walked by the world today

while snow came down in whispers.

Fogged city lights in the river

and a faint past behind my shadow.


Does a world exist when I'm not in it?

A blindfolded world, maybe

I wrap his scarf tighter around my neck

but crisp air breaks around me.


Last remembrances of milky tea vanish

into thin air

filled with mouldered autumn leaves 

that finally crumble away.


If chimney smoke wasn't in the air

I would walk out of this abstract painting.