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REGINA MOSCH is a filmmaker, curator and researcher with creative streaks in experimental, cross-media and new forms of storytelling.

With New York based production designer Simon Schabert, she co-founded the artists’ collective NoMilk NoSugar that takes on experimental film and theatre productions. Their work brought Regina to Stuttgart (GER), Scotland, Iceland and New York City (USA) and was shown at a multitude of festivals.

With WIFT International, she has been a programme director of the prolific global conference Carla 2020 which featured speakers such as Joey Soloway, Tabitha Jackson, Mo Abudu, Amma Asante, Desiree Akhavan and many more. She also works as the Co-Director of the Copenhagen Web Fest, Scandinavia's first festival for digital series and new media.

After her BA in Film & Media in Stirling (Scotland) with an exchange semester at UMass, Amherst (USA), and her MA at the University of Copenhagen, she is now pursuing a PhD degree in Scotland.