As a filmmaker, my passion spans across experimental, music and video art

as well as the odd bit of fiction and documentary.


Together with New York based production designer Simon Schabert,

I co-founded the artist collective NoMilk NoSugar.


Pursuing both our respective paths as filmmaker/-curator and scenic designer, we have long shared a particular interest in theater, literature and film. In 2014 we started producing experimental Super8 Videos as NoMilkSugar Collective on an Agfa-Super8 camera from the 70s. In the last 10 years we have managed to produce a diverse body of work including poetry, landscape photography and sketches all centered around the Super8 Videos and the themes we examine in them. It's Nouvelle Vague Cinema and documentary filmmaking

wrapped in the look of 70s Super8 filmstock.


Its soon morning
missing you
Bike carcass
Three Dreams
Shaman Ravens
Schwere Sky
war paint
what to do
black coffee
henry fraser




Sun rising from the mist. A melody emerging from the darkness.

Multimedia Music Performance, Malmö/Northern Highlands, 2020

Music Composed: Hanna Ågren  

Music Performed: Trio Otiden

Cinematography, Location Scouting: Regina Mosch












Nostalgia before it's nostalgia. Missing someone before they're gone. 

Berlin, Music video, 2020

Lyrics and music: Pinar Tatlikazan

Cinematography and edit: Regina Mosch













Did you ever pay attention to those abandoned, ripped apart bikes that are all around our cities and sometimes strangely part of the landscape? 

Malmö, Poetic Documentary, 2019

Story: Hampus Mattson

Directors: Hampus Mattson & Regina Mosch

Cinematography: Regina Mosch














What does it feel like to relive the survival of a terror attack? A sensual-somatic portrait of trauma on the documentary screen.

Copenhagen/Malmö, Experimental Documentary, 2018

Director: Regina Mosch

Camera, Edit: Regina Mosch

Sound Design: Louis Fraser

SHAMAN RAVENS (post-production)

Sequel to 'Seeing the World Again' with a focus on the second life of paintings of the artist Henry Fraser.

Edinburgh, Documentary, 2018

Producer: Regina Mosch & Louis Fraser

Director: Regina Mosch

Cinematography: Regina Mosch & Louis Fraser



MEDIUM/RARE (in development)

How close does tragedy have to come that we start caring? An episodic short film with TTE Productions.

Copenhagen, Fiction, 2017

Producer: Joseph Valentino Palau

Writer and Director: Regina Mosch

Cinematography: Preston Drake-Hillyard















What if it was all just theatre.

A surreal film about what we call politics.

Copenhagen, Fiction, 2017

Written and Directed by: Regina Mosch
Produced by: Regina Mosch and Martin Møller Kloock

Camera and Cinematography by: Mati Eidelman Bokler, Preston Drake-Hillyard, Regina Mosch
Edited by: Regina Mosch and Mati Eidelman Bokler











'What To Do With Life', was a successful collaboration of NoMilk NoSugar with several artists in New York that contributed to this experimental documentary on iPhone and Super8 about life and dreams of a generation of young people in Brooklyn.


We were happy to work with L.A. based actress Arianne Villareal, light artist Chris Lunney, L.A. filmmaker Sam Patton amongst many other talented folks.


Written and Directed by: Regina Mosch

Director of Photography: Simon Schabert

Sound and Sound Design: Tim Heumesser

Official Selection Monthly International Film Festival Copenhagen (DK)

Official Selection Interrobang Festival, Des Moines (Iowa)


This experimental Super8-Shortfilm is a glimpse into the mind of a writer who gets lost inbetween past and present, imagination and reality, wake and dream. A NoMilk NoSugar Collective Production shot in Stuttgart, 2014.

Written and Directed By: Regina Mosch

Director of Photography: Simon Schabert

Production Design: Simon Schabert

Sound and Sound Design: Tim Heumesser


Winner at the Underground Short Film Festival in Cork, Ireland

Shortlisted for the International Film Festival in Pune, India. 













'A Thin Line' is a collaboration with Blooming Studios in Salt Lake City, UT. A short film-poetic experimentation on a writer and his mind that slowly comes to a halt. 'A Thin Line' merges poetry and moving image, real and abstract, pencil and inner self.

Stirling, Fiction, 2015

Director: Regina Mosch

Camera: Regina Mosch

with Ebrahim Ghaeini


Check out Blooming Studio's fantastic work:





In the short documentary 'Seeing the World Again' I looked at Edinburgh-based figurative painter Henry Fraser and how he makes the invisible visible on a canvas.

Edinburgh, 2015

Directed by: Regina Mosch

Cinematography: Louis Fraser & Regina Mosch

Sound: Louis Fraser
















Short documentary I shot as part of my position of Stirling Student's Union Video Producer. It looks at the uni's achievements in terms of sustainability.

Stirling, 2015

Directed by: Regina Mosch

Cinematography: Regina Mosch & Louis Fraser

Sound by: Louis Fraser










Film poem after Claudia Rankine's poem from her book Citizen. What can the image add to a wordscape?


Having read the extraordinary collection of short prose poems and essays on the still prevailing racism in the US many of my perceptions have not been the same since.

Amherst, USA, 2015

Directed, cinematography, edited by: Regina Mosch


Being trapped in the recurrent circles of gunshots, hallucinations and friends that only want to help, Chet fights with the multi-facetted pressures of being a male military spouse and slowly loses track of where the actual battlefield is.

Amherst, USA, 2015

Written and directed by: Regina Mosch.
Cinematography and Camera by: Alex Kamb.